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The Scoop on Me

I’m married to a Midwesterner and it’s been a mostly-good marriage! I dare say we’ve had streaks of greatness in it, but enough issues to keep us humble and thankful! God didn’t want us to have children the normal way so He arranged for us to have children in a very special way, by adoption. I have one girl and one boy. By vocation, I’m a pastor “church-planter.” (“Church-planter” is code for “Hope-God-makes-it-grow-before-too-long-or-we’re-in-trouble”) We’re Baptistic (in the sense that we believe in baptizing believers, not babies) but we don’t want you to get turned off by that before you get to know us so we don’t tell anybody! Our name is just ambiguously “Redeemer Church”. But it’s not too ambiguous. It’s obviously about Jesus, the Son of God, our Redeemer.

And, speaking of my church, I should loudly absolve them of any responsibility for anything that I write on my personal blog. My opinions here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my church even though they do love me regardless of my idiosyncrasies. And I love my church.

I love the Bay Area! We just moved here to start the church and I am thrilled by the diversity of cultures that are represented in this amazing place. As a misfit, I fit! I’ve always said, I’m a contented misfit. I describe my political views on Facebook like this:

Independent – Always. Democratish, Republicanish, Libertarianish. Citizen-of-another-city-ish.


It’s that “Citizen-of-another-city-ish” that defines me most, I think. Or, at least I hope. I am a Christian. All this means is that I am a sinner quite familiar with any of the sin issues that any other person may know and struggling with some of those consequences (although God has never given me what I really deserve thankfully). But in addition to being a sinner, I have found what it means to be saved by the grace of God. I believe in Jesus and I believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life for everybody. By that I mean, Jesus is the ONLY way. Period. That kind of exclusive language is not real popular in our pluralistic society, but it is what it is.

I try to make up for it by being open-minded on anything else that doesn’t matter as much. I love thinking out loud and that routinely gets me in trouble. This blog has made many friends for me and secured the everlasting disdain of many others toward me. I just wish people would realize when they see this blog that they do not see the whole person. I am neither as good or as bad as any particular post might suggest. Pensées is French for thoughts. And this blog is just a long series of thoughts, a turbulent stream of thought,  over a period of many years.

Thanks for dipping into the stream!


3 Responses

  1. Nice to see/ read like minded people! There’s just a few who find the “shoe” of Christianity/church too uncomfortable to squeeze into. We, non-conformist believe whole hardily in Jesus Christ and his love and mercy displayed on the cross and every day, but occasionally need to back away from religious people every now and again. I will occasionally “step” into a “shoe” trying to find community and fellowship. Thanks for your creative, real pensees! It keeps me going as I shoe shop!

  2. Hi Bob. I remember you and your folks from your time in Stephenson. I also remember your tremendous talents. And most of all the admiration I had for your dad. He was my example of what a missionary was. And he was a full-time missionary and I loved your family.

  3. Nice to run into your blog again, Bob. I used to subscribe several years ago. You’re my kind of guy. Love your pensées!

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