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A Gardener with Scars

The first Adam died in a garden. The Second Adam resurrected in a garden and He was mistaken for a gardener. Those with indomitable life appear so mundane.
This is one of the most remarkable features of Jesus Christ’s resurrection: His humility. The angels blazed with more brightness than He did post-resurrection. Jesus is still patiently waiting for His ultimate exaltation. Thus, those Christians who have death-defying life abiding in them still appear to an unbelieving world as merely regular; gardeners, gardeners with inexplicable scars. We are copies of our Elder Brother, the first fruits of resurrection, just ordinary people with the hidden glory of eternal life. He is risen!

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  1. Your post about the gardens caused me to remember the song “Woodstock” and its refrain of getting back to the “garden”. I posted some sentiments along this line also.

    Good thoughts, Bob.

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