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More on American Exceptionalism

I wrote a lengthy post about this after the Bin Laden assassination. My concern is more pastoral/theological and my ideology would be more conservative than this writer, but I think his criticism ought to be carefully acknowledged by American evangelicals. (Thanks to commenter Gerry Carlson for pointing this out).

Here’s a salient quote (among many).

What a Brookings Institution report termed “the happiness factor” occurs pretty much across the board. Brookings should have called the phenomenon the “ignorance-is-bliss” factor, which now may be the true meaning of American exceptionalism. Its current iteration comes in the form of self-esteem, which holds, as best as I can figure out, that how you feel is more important than how you perform. A consequence of this is that students in Singapore or Shanghai have almost no self-esteem. But they do, however, know their math. (Read the whole article).

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