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Purple Politics

Most Americans are really purple. Certainly, they are card-carrying red or blue, but when the rubber hits the road, most are conveniently red or blue depending on how it immediately affects them. Thus, for example, conservatives who rally and vote and huff-and-puff with scandalized sensibilities over the fiscal irresponsibility of liberals who refuse to cut programs find themselves rallying and voting to oust any city official that may want to cut their favored program. Doves who marched against the hawks find themselves championing war. 

This is because most people don’t really live and think and breathe principle. They live and think and breathe partisan.

I was thinking about this today because I received a letter from a missionary in Europe who was rejoicing that his tenuous immigration status was going to be upheld because of a ruling by the EU that any country that did not offer residency to the parents of children born in a European country was acting in opposition to the EU Constitution. I found it ironic that this very conservative missionary was calling for praise to God from his constituency that, more than likely, is comprised of Tea Partyers who would vehemently object to the very ruling he was asking them to praise God for! And I know that most of them will, indeed, rejoice with him! However, unless I’m a complete bonehead, many of the people I’ve talked to in this nation would be outraged if the UN imposed their constitution on our country and demanded we give residency to anyone merely for the skill of procreation.

The Golden Rule of politics is not the one of the Bible. Rather, it’s “Demand from others what you yourself would not be willing to do.” Thus, when the rubber meets the road many partisan reds and blues morph into a strange purple.

I don’t make these comments for the sake of politics. My point is not political. I’m merely pointing out the reality of red and blue without principles strong enough to apply across the board. Even when it affects their personal agenda, party, program, or pocketbook. It’s a character thing.


2 Responses

  1. Over on Tom Pryde’s Facebook, he posted a video by Joe Biden back when he was running for president saying that he would move to impeach any president who went to war without Congressional approval.

    Yet, now that he’s VP and President Obama is doing just that in Libya, Biden isn’t saying a word about it. It must be because Obama hasn’t defined what he’s doing as a true post modern.

  2. Hmmmm. Does this mean that a Christian would be exhibiting poor character if he rejoiced because prisoners are saved after a Christian in a closed country is imprisoned for preaching?

    Can’t a Christian rejoice to see that the world “meant it for evil” but that God “meant it for good”, but that if we could, we would change the evil?

    I actually agree with your point about Christians being inconsistent and self serving in America, but rejoicing that a missionary gets to stay in a country is a different animal.

    I make a similar argument regarding pastors who opt out of Social Security. The option is provided for pastors who have a “conscientious objection” to the existence of a “Federal Insurance”. If a pastor believes the concept of the program is morally wrong, he can opt out. The regulations don’t ask if you agree with all the details of the program, but the principle of having such a program. If a pastor believes the program is morally wrong, should he ever accept any benefits from it? Should he accept money in the offering plate resulting from it? Should he counsel people to apply for it? A lot of pastor think it’s just a perk and take the option to opt out. I think they may be very inconsistent.

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