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Sabbatarianism & the Rod

Since I’ve stirred the pot, I”ll keep up the  ἐρεθίζω (stirring up of Col. 3:21) that we are forbidden to do with children, but may do for the use of edification (I hope) in the blogosphere! 😉

I’m getting ready for a conference and so I will merely insert this as a comment and question:

How is it that the very same arguments that anti-sabbatarians muster to repudiate the legalistic keeping of First Day Sabbath fail to impress them when they are applied to challenge the fact that the Bible commands parents to use the rod?

Non-sabbatarians defend honoring Sunday and some even refer to it as the “Lord’s Day.” But they stop short of saying that it is commanded that they observe the Sabbath in a legalistic rigidity proposed by many Puritans. Yet so many of these very same non-Sabbatarians cry anathemas on the same kind of action taken toward the “rod” passages of the Proverbs. And the “rod” passages are not even a part of the Decalogue!

Go figure.



2 Responses

  1. Man, unless you know a whole segment of people I don’t, I don’t know what one really has to do with the other. Kind of seems like a strawman here. You’re getting close to jumping the shark with this “rod” tangent.

  2. Everybody…everybody…everybody… affirms threads of continuity and threads of discontinuity. The criteria by which we lump something with one category or the other is a great discussion. But, I don’t think we’ll get anywhere by suggesting that since so-and-so puts _________ in the discontinuity category he is inconsistent to put [some unrelated thing] in the continuity category. We could all do that to each other all day long and never make a convincing case.

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