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Praying for Japan

Our church has always had a keen interest in the hand of God through natural disasters. From the great Tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia, Katrina, Jamaica, Haiti, and others we have always asked what we can do and sought to point men to God. By the power of God and through His abundant grace we have been able to do a number of helpful things. But every time we have felt how small and insignificant we are in the face of such power. Sometimes the only thing we can do is humbly pray.

John Piper offers a prayer worth praying. Let me suggest an activity for you this Saturday.

  1. Gather your family
  2. Watch the linked video in Piper’s blog
  3. Comment on how those are real homes and real cars of real families like yours and how you would feel if you were in that place or if your grandma lived in such an area and was not returning your calls.
  4. Read Piper’s Prayer as your family prayer and encourage your children to say, “Amen” at the conclusion.

Here’s the prayer.


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  1. […] to pray for Japan. This video has now appeared on several websites and I include it here for you. One blog suggested the use of this video with the following prayer by Pastor John Piper from his […]

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