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What is Jesus to You?

The Nature of True Belief & Peter’s Confession (Matthew 16:13-20)

Three Significant Parts to Matthew 16:13-17:

  1. The Designated Region – It was in Caesarea Philippi
  2. The Descriptive Reputations – They were good, but not accurate.
  3. The Definitive Revelation – It is a gift of grace

Peter was told that his confession was revealed to him by the Father in Heaven. He was blessed for it. It was, in fact, a saving revelation resulting in a saving confession. What is the nature of saving revelation?

  • The Context of Saving Revelation. It comes in the midst of pagan idolatry. This is why the Designated Region matters. Jesus chose a place that was pagan and idolatrous. Saving Revelation says Jesus is Lord and He overcomes and conquers all other gods in our lives. He alone is supreme.
  • The Counterfeits of Saving Revelation. It is the product of individualized professions. This we see in the Descriptive Reputations. Some said he was one prophet. Others said he was another prophet. Everyone said that which was right in his own eyes. They were all good things! But they were not accurate. He is the Lord.
  • The Confession of Saving Revelation. It is by the grace of invested power. “not of flesh and blood, but my Father”

Some applications:

  1. A true confession of Jesus Christ is a matter of worship. They were in pagan territory.
  2. A true confession of Jesus Christ is a matter of truth. He is more than a prophet. He is the Christ!
  3. A true confession of Jesus Christ is a matter of sovereign grace. The Father revealed it!

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