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Another Reason Why the Rest Hates the West

Mark Farnham gives an excellent little commentary on Why the Rest Hates the West over at SharperIron. It is an easy read and it would be very good for Americans who can only perceive of this country as a beacon of virtue and freedom to read in order to attempt the intellectually honest activity of walking in the “the rest’s” sandals. There’s a lot to chew on here and I found the article compelling enough for me to want to purchase the book for myself.

But quite honestly I’ve been — if I may say so myself — pretty fair-minded with the haters because of having lived in other cultures. I don’t agree with them all the time, but I can sympathize. There are profound academic, cultural, and philosophical reasons why the rest hate the west, but then there are also ridiculous statements from prosperity-intoxicated pastors that contribute to the “rest’s” rage. Take this for example:

The Rev. Horace Sheffield III tells WJBK-TV his congregation at New Destiny Baptist Church will try to surround the Lions’ Ford Field “in prayer.”

Hall-of-Fame running back Barry Sanders and a carousel of coaches over the years has not translated into victories for the Lions.

Sheffield said “maybe it’s time to get God to help,” and that a city suffering through a terrible economy and high unemployment shouldn’t have to deal with a losing team.

I find the last line to be utterly repulsive. Besides the fact that it is easy for me to think of plenty of reasons why Detroit should, in fact, deal with a losing team, it is egregious and Marie-Antoinette-ish to whine about the burden of having a group of millionaires unable to be able to pull off a record better than 2 – 7. The fact that the man calls himself a pastor is abhorrent to me. I wish he’d go to Haiti and spend a month sleeping in one of the thousands of camps that are there, drinking cholera-infested water and watching people pee on the streets because there is nowhere else to go to get away from a crowd and then see if he thinks Detroit can tolerate another season with a losing team. Or maybe he should have spent the nights with me, earlier last month, on the floor of a wooden clinic six inches away from a woman on the other side of a thin piece of plywood as she retched all night long in the sweltering heat. I can assure you I didn’t feel the need to pray to Merciful God to have pity on my poor Chicago-based flock because the Bears have been disappointing us this season.

Idiotic. Absolutely repulsive. Another reason why the rest hate the West.

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