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Interview Questions #3 – 4

Recently someone interviewed me for a class project. I thought I’d share the questions and the short answers with my friends who read this.

What is your view of the biblical role of the pastor?

The over-arching metaphor in the Bible that is seen from Genesis to Revelation is that of shepherding. Amazingly, though the metaphor is thousands of years old it is still easily understood even by those who do not live in agrarian pastoral societies. A shepherd primarily concerns himself with feeding, guiding, and protecting his flock. The pastor must concern himself with the proper feeding of his people, helpful guidance in the way of individual counsel and corporate vision, and in the protection of his flock from error, bad teaching, and harmful divisive people.

What is the most important aspect of pastoral ministry?

I think that the most important aspect of pastoral ministry may be feeding, but I don’t know if it can really be separated from the protecting and guiding aspects of shepherding. Thus, I would say “spiritual shepherding,” which I realize is very much like saying, “The most important aspect of pastoring is pastoring.” Helpful, I know.

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