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What is a “means of grace”?


2 Responses

  1. Bob, our elders just recently kicked around this issue in relationship to the Lord’s Supper. Obviously you’ll say more about that in the next vlog, but to the broader concept, is there anything in a believer’s life that is not a means of grace? Is family a means of grace? Meditation? Marriage? Brothers in Christ? Vlogging?

    I get what you’re saying that different activities contribute uniquely to our sanctification, but if everything’s ultimately a means of grace, where’s the meaning in the category?

  2. Ben,

    I know you’re asking Bob, but can I join the conversation?

    Even if everything is a means of grace word and sacrament are special in that they are ecumenical (not in the pejorative sense usually used by fundamentalists, in the descriptive sense of “universal” or for all Christians).

    All Christians are called to participate in the means of grace in baptism and the eucharist and in hearing the word. Not all Christians are called to participate in farming, or writing, etc.

    Does that add anything?


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