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Dissidens’ Church, Missionaries, Football, and Culture

Admitting to reading Dissidens is almost like confessing to a bad habit. But I do read him. Actually, much of what he says appeals to me. Much bothers me. Much of what he says seems to indicate that he would be too cultured to hang around Jesus if He were to appear in the flesh again. Nor am I yet persuaded that calling names in derisive condemnation by one who carefully conceals his own identity is ethical. But that’s beside the point. It is usually not Dissidens that disturbs me when I go to his site. It’s his loyal minions that drive me batty. While they are drooling, some of us are actually reading the sources that Dissidens references, or – – shock of all shocks for the Dissidens Divines (as I derisively call them) – – have been reading them long before we ever heard of Dissidens. Nonetheless, Dissidens’ recent post, “The Little Brown Church in the Wasteland,” spurred a thought in my mind that has been brewing for some time.

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