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The Patriot Act

Word has it that there is some rethinking going on about this bad law. One report says congress is talking about curbing the Patriot Act. I say “bravo.”

I can’t remember for the life of me where I read an excellent essay (or maybe the thought occurred to me when I was reading history) that the life-span of these kinds of laws is very short until it metamorphoses into a weapon against Christians. Call me paranoid, but I think the trends are there. Call me Buchanan-ite, but I don’t think our nation is above eventually labeling outspoken Christianity as terroristic.

2 Responses

  1. Bob,

    You’re a paranoid Buchanan-ite! Sorry, but you asked for it!

  2. Bob,

    You are not a paranoid Buchanan-ite.

    The Homeland Security Act and the Patriot Act are the two most destructive pieces of legislation passed in our history.

    The first solidifies the national government as the authority in this country and basically disolves the states into non existence.

    The second guts our Constitution as far as civil rights are concerned. I think if someone would take the time to read the legislation and look at the recent applications you at least have to have a high level of concern. But fundamentalists have not had a good track record on these issues. It has basically adopted an anabaptist position with regard to government and our role there. Or worse, as in the case of John MacArthur, become a willing and knowing participant in the evils of the players currently in control.

    I doubt that Pastor McCrorie has ever been on the receiving end of what currently passes for “justice” in this country. Hopefully, he never will.

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