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Pointless Ramblings of a Homebody

I have traveled beacoup. I’m still not sure what’s easier (or harder): getting ready to go or coming back. The trip to NC for the God-Focused Conference was intense, blessed, and exhausting. But getting back home is not all that restful either. The list is overwhelming:

1. Carry in baggage.
2. Throw laundry down chute
3. Decide that can wait
4. Prepare to scale mountain of junk mail
5. Decide that can wait
6. Open doors and windows to freshen house
7. Turn on heat even though windows and doors are open
8. Carry one overweight suitcase upstairs
9. Wonder loudly when we will ever learn to pack lightly
10. Stand at window contemplating the sea of leaves that has to be raked, bagged, and tossed before neighbors start uprising
11. Decide that can wait
12. Carry another overweight suitcase upstairs
13. Wonder loudly when we will ever learn to pack lightly
14. Decide a much needed break from baggage distribution is necessary. Fridge empty. Wonder loud enough for my wife to hear if someone (i.e. not me) should run to the store to get supplies.
15. She says that can wait.
16. Start sorting mail.
17. Decide it can wait.
18. Start to take another suitcase upstairs.
19. Wonder loudly when we will ever learn to pack lightly
20. Decide it can wait
21. Wonder if I should see what is on TV.
22. Decide it can’t wait.
23. Veg in comatose state in front of brain-numbing TV
24. Revive long enough to find wife and daughter snuggled up to me
25. Comment that we really need to get our act together, get organized, and throw ourselves back into Rockford ministry.
26. Decide it can wait

AH! Good to be home.


2 Responses

  1. Honey, if you wouldn’t take your books there would be no grumbling about heavy suitcases.


  2. How many times have I heard my spouse say this?

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