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Book Review and Interviews

I just want you to know about a book review and a couple of interviews. Nope! Not my book, nor interviews by me or of me. I’m just lucky enough to be acquainted with powerful people in the media, so I got to be on the inside scoop of some of this stuff! Joy McCarnan, Cindy Swanson, Jason Janz, and Bob Roberts. All in one day. Only now am I realizing that I let the whole thing go by me without one signature or group photo to frame and hang in my office. What a waste. Anyway…

Joy did a book review on SharperIron that you ought to check out if you get the time. It’s about racial segregation in the church. I have written a few things about Rosa Parks this week since she died, but I’m too tired to do much in the realm of blogging these days except to go spy out what others are doing (and writing and mingling in the occasional argument on someone else’s site). It’s terrible for blog ratings to be as laissez-faire about blogging as I am. But, there is more to life than the blog.

So, for the two of you that still read this thing, be conscious of the fact that today Cindy Swanson interviewed Jason Janz of SharperIron.org and Bob Roberts of Kids4Truth, both friends of mine. (Jason is here for North Love’s Reformers Unanimous conference. Being the separatist that I am, I didn’t go.) I did sit, however, in on the interviews, enjoying Cindy’s easy-going style of interrogation. You’ll want to make a point of listening to her interviews. Bob Roberts’ interview was particularly impressive. He’s got something good going with his doctrinal alternative to Awana, the King’s Kids, and the Patch the Pirate Club. I’m not sure when Cindy will air the interviews on her show. Maybe somebody will do me the favor of posting the times.
Learn about the Kids4Truth Clubs!


5 Responses

  1. ah! so my book review makes the blog headlines, but not my patented soggy bruschette?! i see how it is with you. =}

  2. Bob, it was a real pleasure to spend time with you, Bob Roberts and Jason Janz!

    “Weekend Rockford” will air this Sunday morning, October 30th, at 5:30 AM on 100.9 am (for you early risers!), then again at 9 PM on Sunday evening on 91.1 FM.

  3. will the interviews be downloadable or on a website that we could listen to if we don’t live in the Rockford area?

  4. I’m going to get to make the interviews available to both Bob and Jason, and they implied that they would try to get them online somewhere for people to listen to. Just one problem: Jason’s voice levels were pretty low on the mini-disc recording…a problem that will be fixed when it’s transferred to computer for the actual program, but the mini-disc recording may not be suitable for putting on the internet because of that. 😦

    If they are put on the internet, I’ll make sure to post about it here.

  5. I’m not sure if the interview will ever make it to the internet in audio form, but I did transcribe it on my blog. You can read it here:


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