Global Grace: Photos and Mark’s Account of the 1st Pascagoula Trip

Please read Mark’s essay“Lanier Street”*–which is posted currently at His essay introduces us to Della and tells some of her story. Mark gives us a glimpse of the magnitude of these folks’ need, and a glimpse of what ministry in the Gulf Coast area looks like.

The men from this work team–including Bill Hunt, Chris Hayes, Gene Ascher, Keith Kilburn, and Mark Garard–will be taking the meeting tonight to report on their trip and to share their testimonies. If you’re in town and at all able to attend, please do. Please be praying also for those who plan to depart on the next team Thursday.

* A downloadable/printable copy of the essay and photos will be available here and on SharperIron, later on today.


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that you had a group that went to Pascagoula as well! That is awesome. When I went, I did a couple of “on the road” audio posts, while I was down there.

    We went to Church on the Rock (I think that was the name…)

    I couldn’t believe the extensive needs. These people will be in need for a long time.

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