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Another letter from Roger Price

Dear Praying Friends,


It has been just over three weeks now since Hurricane Katrina came crashing ashore in southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Ministry opportunities and needs continue to overwhelm us here in Lafayette, La.

We are reminded of the verse where Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few” (Matthew 9:37). Never in our lives have we seen such need for a ministry of comfort and evangelism to so many people. We know of 17 who have been saved.

And accordingly, we have rented a temporary place for church services within walking distance of the Cajun Dome, the large evacuee center here in Lafayette, La. Twenty people attended the first service on Sunday evening. And we will have another service there this evening (Tuesday).

Last night Roger and Shawn Alexander, a missionary who has flown in from Brazil with his son to help in this ministry, conducted a Bible study around a table in the Cajun Dome where we could get together with a small group of evacuees. A couple of them gave testimony during that Bible study that God had saved them during this disaster and as a result of Shawn’s ministry to them. Praise God!!

We are presently a team of 5 working together in this ministry to offer comfort and present the gospel to these people. However, if the weather permits, by Monday we should have a team of 25 to help us for a week. Please continue to pray that God will continue to abundantly bless our efforts to reach out to these people.

If you are interested in coming to participate in this ministry, please let us know. We anticipate needing help for months to come. So if you would like to come help but cannot do so immediately, consult with us and make your plans for October, November or December.

And please do not forget our PROJECT MARDI GRAS February 24-28, 2006. We anticipate a greater and better outreach at Mardi Gras this year than ever. Just a reminder, this ministry of street evangelism at Mardi Gras takes place here in Lafayette, La., not downtown New Orleans. And the atmosphere here is more family oriented.

However even as I write, officials are making plans to evacuate the evacuees in case the new hurricane (Rita) should come toward Louisiana. We are monitoring it closely to see which way it will really go. One of our neighbors told Roger this morning that she and her family were already packing some things in case they need to evacuate.

A federal judge has indicated to us that we can now anticipate 60,000-65,000 new permanent residents of Lafayette, La., as a result of this natural disaster.

Brethren, pray for us. And pray for these evacuees, many of whom are now scattered around the nation.

In Christ Jesus,

Roger and Lonie Price
137 Halpern Road
Duson, Louisiana 70529
tel. 337-873-0468
Presenting Christ to the Acadians

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