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Presence Matters

When Mark and I were visiting the Katrina-affected areas, we learned one very important lesson: presence matters.

Almost everybody we talked to told us that what they needed was the physical presence of people to help them clean-up, build, counsel, comfort, and recover. Some pastors told us that they had more money and supplies than they could possibly manage without more help. Everybody we met–whether in restaurants, motels, churches, sports arenas, or gas stations–emphatically thanked us.

We also learned that the news was not representing the situation very well (DUH!). Evacuees were grateful for help. Many are moving. But most, just like you and I would be, are wanting to hang around, to go back and survey the damage themselves, to salvage what little they can, and to get closure before they make a move.

Therefore, while we are staying in touch with the several families and individuals that are interested in our hospitality, we are also going to send several teams down to the region to help in the long and arduous work of clean-up and re-building.

Particularly when our missionaries to the area, Jeremy and Anouk Scott, arrive down South, we will be working closely with them and the local BMM pastor Roger Price and BMM logistics coordinator Ray Mitchell in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Our first team consists of six men who will, Lord willing, leave Thursday afternoon, drive through the night, work all day Friday and Saturday, and return on Sunday. This first team will take advantage of the excellent outreach and organization of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church (Mobile, Alabama), which has a strategy for ministering to two badly destroyed towns. It will work on whatever is assigned to them. CFBC will house the teams that come down and provide food. On the CFBC website, we, along with another good church from Rockford, Illinois, are listed among several churches taking advantage of their hospitality. To see the area where our team will be working, look at the amazing slideshow provided on that site.

Our ministry will be organizing other trips to other parts of the region and we will be more than happy to share information with any church who would like to serve similarly. If we can help anyone, please let us know (sos@globalgracemissions.org).


Another letter from Roger Price

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