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People on the Ground

Jeremy and Anouk Scott have decided to represent us for up to four months in Lafayette, LA, working in close conjunction with the BMM team that is already established down there. This gifted couple will work under the missionary team, Roger Price and Ray Mitchell, helping in the multitudinous tasks that accumulate when something this big happens. The Scotts will also serve as a liaison between needy ministries in Katrina-affected areas and our church. We, in turn, hope to connect interested churches with ministry opportunities in the region. This will involve reconstruction work and one-on-one evangelistic/counseling opportunities and so forth. One of my goals for Jeremy is to be our eyes and ears on the ground, searching out the best venues of service for fundamental churches. So many have experienced the frustration of not knowing exactly where to go except to get lost in a huge conglomerate of projects primarily governed by a narrow agenda. We have a number of teams primed and ready to go get their hands dirty. Other churches are equally prepared. Scotts will help direct traffic.

I love this couple. Jeremy was with me at Memorial, for the start up of MSBC, and we bonded together with the same convictions and passion about ministry. His wife, Anouk, served with Jennie and me for several years. We greatly appreciated Anouk’s ministry.

Jeremy and Anouk have just recently concluded a happy tenure at Cornerstone Church in Warwick, RI. Jeremy resigned just recently in order to rejoin Morning Star Baptist Church. Everybody in our church is delighted about this move, but we are all equally delighted to be able to share our beloved people with a cause that we believe is designed by God. We were counting the days until his return among us, now we will just have to extend that count by about four months.

God has already wonderfully provided. Cornerstone Church, the church where Scotts have ministered for the last few years, is generously supporting this project. The Scotts have also been provided with an RV and financial support is starting to trickle in. The Scotts will need more financial aid during their four-month tenure in Louisiana. Please consider supporting this couple.


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Big Brother and the Local Church

I do not like to speak about politics, but sometimes I must vent. And here’s the point of my vent:

Don’t let your status as American citizens (and therefore a part of Big Brother’s wild spending spree in the “Gulf of Opportunity”) diminish your sense of responsibility as a local church to minister to other local churches in Katrina-affected areas.

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