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An ice possibility

Again, you may click “Continue reading” below), or bookmark the new “what’s new?” page of the Morning Star Relief & Hospitality Ministry website (globalgracemissions.org), in order to follow the latest news about our efforts.

Tues. 9/6, 11pm
Going the extra mile(s)

The team desires to demonstrate genuine care in practical ways. For example, something they are really praying about (as a “side” burden) is the possibility of giving ice. For a while, it was just a wish — dreamt up after hearing the account of a pastor in Gulfport — but they may actually get to carry out “Mission Cold Water.” It is so incredibly hot there. Babies aren’t even able to keep down the hot water. Something as simple as coolers of ice, especially when delivery is as inconvenient as a day’s journey, may seem far-fetched and melodramatic. But it would demonstrate genuine care. Pastor has a contact in Florida who, if Pastor could regain communication with the Gulfport church, would be willing to pack and drive a truck full of ice and powdered milk from Florida for the sake of demonstrating that kind of genuine care.

Tues. 9/6, 8pm
Keeping in touch

Pastor Bixby has the phone on his ear perpetually. Due to poor reception, they have to try time and again to get through even to local contacts. So he walks around with his phone, and they stop in at churches, and try to follow through with contacts. The mayor in Texas was finally able to get all his evacuees placed, and he called to thank Pastor for their efforts in general.

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