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A letter from LA: Ahead of the game?

Pastor Bixby sent this letter from Pastor Price’s email account this evening:

Tuesday, September 6th
Lafayette, Louisiana

Today was profitable. Although we were not able to spend as much time on our “search and rescue” endeavor as I would have liked, we had a very profitable time helping the BMM missionary here prepare organizationally for the waves of ministry teams that are about to descend on him. He was totally overwhelmed. We were able to help him think through a very practical strategy.

We did talk to a number of people about relocating the evacuees. All are very supportive. All think it is a great idea. All think that we are too far ahead of the game! There is still very much a “first response” mentality down here. In fact, one leader said that initially there was chaos, now we are finally beginning to see a transition into organized chaos! I’m not sure about the organized part, but I’ll take his word for it.

The Cajundome houses between 6 to 8 thousand evacuees. Security is stiffening, but we were able to access it. It was chaotic in there. Sad.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a number of churches that are sinking under the burden of evacuees. Please pray for us.

In the Beloved One,


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