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Quote of the Week

J. Gresham Machen, a giant among scholars, is both succinct and perspicuous in his reminder to us that world-changing influence will only happen to the degree that we are driven by other-wordly affection.

This world’s problems can never be solved by those who make this world the object of their desires. This world cannot be bettered if you think that this world is all. To move the world you must have a place to stand.


3 Responses

  1. Amen.

    There remains for us only the very narrow way, often extremely difficult to find, of living every day as though it were our last, and yet living in faith and responsibility as though there were to be a great future.

    Letters and Papers from Prison

  2. That Bonhoeffer–quite the fundamentalist, eh?

  3. In his own way, I guess. Extremist, probably.

    His convictions of truth drove him to do what he believed was right. He was definately driven to follow through on what he believed was truth.

    As should be expected, a quote doesn’t endorse everything about a man. The quote was to add a colorful punch to Bixby’s quote.

    By the way, are you the DGus that wrote the lyrics Ho! Everyone Who is Thirsty on the CD, Cantate Domino?

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