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Again, we collectively apologize.

Why spam commenters feel so absolutely driven to beset the blogs of pastors who actually care about their blogs’ content — that’s a mystery. This is Joy writing on behalf of Pastor Bixby to let you know that we are indeed aware of the junk problem on his blog. Pastor was out of town on retreat last week, and this week his computer is in the shop — so his web access is particularly limited right now. As the pseudo-webmaster of his site, I apologize for any mailbox-filling or thread-hacking you’re having to endure. I have been working with Andrew, our web host, to get the junk cleared and to prevent future attacks. Your FYIs have been appreciated, but we do receive the email notifications (usually). We are grateful for your patience and wanted to let you know the situation is being dealt with.


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  1. p.s.
    we also recognize that a significant number of legit comments are missing from threads. we are working to restore those.

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