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Listen to Frank

Hear a very soul-stirring interview with Dr. Frank Hamrick as he shares his heart and desire for youth ministry and for the ministry of the God Focused Youth Ministry Training Conference. I am unworthy to be a part of this endeavor, but I am earnestly praying for a time of refreshing at the conference. I think that my particular emphasis will be that a God focused ministry is not possible until there are God focused ministers. God focused ministers, like Frank, will plod on despite remonstrations of men. They are, after all, God focused. Their ministry is the kind of ministry we should all eagerly strive for.


6 Responses

  1. “We are turning the Bible into a Manuel for living, rather than a revelation of the greatness and the glory of the gospel of God!”

    That is the quote of the year! Maybe the quote of my lifetime!

    Praise God for Frank and his call for our God focus!

    I am wishing I was a youth worker and had the time to go to this conference!

  2. Ok – manual – not – Manuel!

    I am trying to do too many things at the same time.

    I am still listening to this interview. It is awesome.

    I so wish I had this kind of teaching and focus when I was a teen.

  3. Joe,
    I’m interested in hearing your opinion of the interview once you have heard the whole thing. After I listened to it, I thought that if I had to encapsulate Hamrick’s mood throughout the whole hour in one word it would be “focused.”

    Everybody knows there has been discussion about his conference. He never even dipped his toe into it. He stayed on a plain above it all. He seems to have a mission and he isn’t going be distracted. That was my impression anyway.

  4. Hi Bob,

    Well I finished the interview last night and promptly sent the link to several people I know who work in teen ministry as well as senior pastors. I believe the point Frank is making is quite profound. On the one hand it is rather “simple” – a proverbial duh, on the other hand if adhered to and followed through with has the potential to radically reform ministries and lives of individuals.

    Two observations:

    1. Related to your comment about the “discussion” related to this conference. Frankly, I would not call it a discussion, but disgraceful politicking in the name of biblical separation. I was immensely impressed with Frank’s above reproach character to not even mention the subject. I was not sure if he would or not. Near the end of the interview when the interviewer asked about the other speakers I thought, “well, if he is going to this will be the place.” He did not. First of all this shows his character not to throw volleys toward others. I am sure he has been hurt personally by the “discussions,” but his integrity is above reproach. Secondly, I agree with your comment. It vividly displays for all to see his focus – he is practicing what he is preaching.

    2. His observations of how having a God focus should impact preaching and counseling were quite challenging.

    a. Preaching: I have been wrestling for the last couple of years with our approach to preaching. Even in good sound biblical churches where they are practicing “expository preaching,” I have been disturbed by the general decrease in exposition of the text and focus on God and the increase in application. I thought Frank’s observations on this subject were very helpful. May our preaching exalt Christ and magnify our God!

    b. Counseling: I “grew-up” spiritually in the nouthetic counseling movement. I am eternally grateful for the focus that movement has had on the sufficiency of Scripture. It radically changed my life. However, I have been sensing for the last few years a shift in the focus of the “second generation” of those involved in this movement. It is rare to find any of these men who are adequately handling the text. They are good at application and giving “five principles for a successful marriage from Song of Solomon,” but not real solid in their exegesis. More than that God is not the focus, but man – i.e. putting your marriage back together. Again, I found Frank’s observations in this area challenging and helpful.

    I still have much to think about. I will listen to the interview again – probably with my wife.

    In general, what I found most helpful was hearing an “elder statesman” share his observations and wisdom when it relates to ministry. I do not know Frank. I don’t believe I have ever even met him. However, I am grateful for his faithful service and even more for his humble submission to the Lord’s teaching. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” I felt as though I sat at the feet of a wise sage and am blessed as a result.

  5. Dad did a masterful job in this interview. I would’ve preferred they stay away from the “busing issue” as that horse seems to have died many moons ago, but I’ll blam Ben for bringing that into the discussion…;)

    His comments bring to mind a sermon preached LONG ago, “The expulsive power of a new affection” (Thomas Boston?)…and encourages me once again to stay FOCUSED…not on what is the ‘hottest’ thing in youth work…but to be faithful to show youth a God who is breathtaking…He did that for me and I’ve never gotten over it.

    I am very aware of much of the “discussion” going around about this conference. I won’t comment on it seeing that I am not part of the dialogue. However, I do think this poem from Edwin Markum adequately explains how I feel about my Dad and the way he has handled himself in this “discussion”:

    “He drew a circle that shut me out
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout
    But love and I had the wit to ‘win’;
    We drew a circle that took him in.”

    If I’m not mistaken…Bob’s interview will be available soon…yes????

  6. Bob,

    It was great to see your interview up on the web. Thanks for the challenge and encouragment.


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