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Quote of the Week

This week’s “Quote of the Week” comes from Joshua Harris in Not Even A Hint. I re-discovered this statement while perusing some books for research on the subject of modesty. Now for the quote…

Lust offers men the pleasure of sex devoid the hard work of intimacy. Lust offers women the power to get what they want relationally if they use their sexuality to seduce. Dr. Al Mohler once made a shocking yet accurate statement: “Men are tempted to give themselves to pornography — women are tempted to commit pornography.” If you’re a woman, you don’t have to pose for a picture or star in a pornographic movie to commit pornography. When you dress and behave in a way that is designed primarily to arouse sexual desire in men, you’re committing pornography with your life. (p. 87)


One Response

  1. Not Even a Hint is an excellent book. I have also read Harris’s Boy Meets Girl, which is a good book, but I was significantly more impressed by Not Even a Hint. I happened across the book in the BJU library when doing a research project, but I was glad I did.

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