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Let’s Hear it for (gulp!) Modesty! (Part Three)

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Random Thoughts about the Puritans

We ought to pay attention to the opinions of a man who, according to many Church historians, was possibly one of the greatest evangelists of all times: George Whitefield. On the Puritans he said:

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Who’s In Charge, Anyway?

Pastor Tim Bixby prepared the following in brochure format for his church, Cleveland Park Bible Church, in Spartanberg, SC. Tim has the dubious distinction of being my brother and, in my brotherly opinion, his preaching is one of the best kept secrets in the greater Greenville area.

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Random Thoughts about SI

SI is the townhall of a small fundamentalist village. In my opinion, it is foolish of the uppercrust aristocracy of the establishment to ignore the fact that there is a townhall, a crowd has gathered, and it is going to make a difference.

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Joel Osteen

A number in my congregation saw the Paula Zahn interview with Joel Osteen. I don’t have time to comment, but I can direct you to a very simple biblical interaction with the statements made on that interview from Jason Janz at Sharperiron.org. You might want to check it out.

Let’s Hear it for (gulp!) Modesty! (Part Two)

It is my opinion that the subject of modesty must be approached asexually.

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Quote of the Week

This quote from Samuel Pearce, admired contemporary of William Carey and Andrew Fuller, brings tears to my eyes and defies the contemporary ideal of a godly pastor. O, that this would become the prayer of more of God’s people.

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