“See ya in Hell”

Thus men in war did (and do) bid one another farewell. But hell is a real place and the way people picture it is unrealistic. I’m not all that sure that we really can picture it, but sometimes little statements on that very real place jar our thinking and prompt some thought even as the following quote by Alva McClain did for me.

God is the King of hell, just as He is the King of everthing else in time and space. And because this is so, that everlasting prison-house of the lost will not be the noisy and disorderly place that is sometimes imagined by the popular mind. There is no more orderly place than a well-disciplined prison, even under imperfect human government. There will be no riots in hell. For all those who reject the mercy of God in Christ and recognize no final argument but force, there will be force without stint or limit, the force of a divine government from which there can be no escape, either now or hereafter. Alva McClain

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