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Thank you, Dr. Panosian

We just completed a very full week of unusual meetings. A number of churches participated and it seems like all were enthusiastically grateful for Dr. Panosian’s efforts among us. Let’s hear it from you! Say something about what you learned. Maybe the very non-technical doctor will find his way to our “thankyou posts”!


5 Responses

  1. One of my profs would tell incoming faculty members in orientation training that “realistically speaking, [students] won’t remember what you say; they will remember what you are.

    The fact that my mind does not find it easy to retain certain kinds of information intensifies, I’m sure, the very real way that admonition has come true in my own experience. I remember very few of the outlines and find it difficult to articulate the fundamental arguments that have pounded in my teachers’ lessons, no matter how profoundly the material struck me, nor how readily I absorbed it, at the time. I probably couldn’t quote most of my professors to save my life. On the other hand, I remember the particular kindnesses, the demeanor, the tone, the authenticity, the humility. I remember what my teachers were/are.

    Observing and interacting with Dr. Panosian this week has been instructive for me, perhaps a deeper and longer-lasting influence than what he actually came to “say” in his presentations (which were, of course, wonderful).

    I certainly enjoyed hearing what he had to say, and I do hope to be able recall and utilize the information he shared; but I think I am bound to remember and seek to emulate what he is. He is a testimony to Christ’s power and loveliness.

  2. p.s. I forgot to actually say it: Thank you, Dr. Panosian!

  3. Thank you Dr. Panosian for teaching the church history conference at MSBC. You put these men of God in perspective and increased our understanding and appreciation for what they accomplished. You mentioned numerious times how God raised up the Reformers to accomplish His purpose. We appreciate you showing us their courage and love for God and the Word–an example to us! Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry.
    Bill and Nancy Hunt

  4. Thank you, Dr. Panosian, for your presentations last week. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to say all week long, so its about time that I just write it down. I appreciated your research and presentation style of the biographies of men that God has used in mighty ways. I just did a quick count and came up with 11 Bibles in our “learning box” – which is a converted toy box that holds our Bibles and related devotional books. I am in awe of the privileges I have as a present day believer, and am also ashamed of myself for taking my Bible for granted.
    Thank you, again!

  5. Dr. Panosian: Flo & I both enjoyed you greatly during your visit to our area at Morning Star Baptist. You really tied together our trip with Dr Vincent (He also was a delight and really worked very hard to include all the visits and information possible during our tour).

    You have a wonderful suttle humor and are a very gracious person. We remember your visit to Bethel Baptist Church in Schaumburg, Illinois a few years ago (we were there and purchased your 1st-person audio tapes), but we did not get close enough to you to really appreciate what a wonderful person you really are. Thank you for your teriffic effort and your cordiality and service to us…

    We really should have made you drive our humble automobile — maybe next time…

    Flo & Glenn Gordon

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