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I call her Prec (presh) for Precious

14 years. I have been married to Jennie Layne Martin Bixby for 14 years. Jacob worked for the love of his life this exact amount of time. It was to him as if only a few days had passed.

My wife and I are very human. We have had our arguments and our tough times. But, glory to God, I can truly say that never has there been a time that I thought the till-death-do-us-part thing was getting very long! In fact, I can attest to the opposite. Our love for one another has matured and developed. She is more precious to me than she ever was 14 years ago. The love and respect I have for her now eclipses that which I had for her on June 22, 1991, when we said our vows to one another at Memorial Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois.

We wrote our own vows. In them we chose to use the words from Psalm 34:3: O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. What a wonderful thing to say that the grace of God has moved us not only to yearn for the magnification of the Lord as individuals, but has capacitated us to exalt his name together.

Happy Anniversary, Prec.

7 Responses

  1. happy anniversary, pastor and jennie!

  2. happy anniversary,pastor and jennie, you have been a model for so many families…the Lord…blesses the home of the righteous (proverbs3:303) we love both of you so very much and thank you for everything…

  3. Pastor & Jennie: Have a joy-filled anniversary !! The best is yet to come!!!

  4. Until I lived with you and Jennie in France seven years ago, a Christ-filled marriage was something I’d only seen from a distance. Jennie helped me learn what a godly woman/ wife is like. You, Pastor, helped point out where I wasn’t like that. 🙂 Together you encouraged me to dream that someday God will bless me with that kind of a relationship. Thank you so much. You both are continually such a blessing and example to me.

  5. Happy Anniversary from Anouk and me!

  6. God has been good, and I love you both so very much. Congratulations!
    Your sis,

  7. Congratulations. Though our acquaintance has been relatively short, your love to the Lord and to each other has been a blessing and an example to us. May the Lord grant you many more anniversaries together. They come faster and faster as the years go by!

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