The Divine Ministry (sermon recording)

It takes so little to be considered offensive these days in a postmodernism-affected evangelicalism. The evangelical station that airs our broadcast is nervous because of an angry call about the message aired on May 29. It turns out, however, that the one angry caller also called me. She said my spirit was kind, but she simply could not believe I had rightly represented her faith. I told her I got it straight from the RC catechism. I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with her about salvation in Christ alone, not in a church. I was also able to make arrangements to visit with a Roman Catholic priest next week. Because of this message, doors are opened to us. I love the Roman Catholics and I am concerned for so many of them who are weary of a formalistic faith. Please pray.

What grieves me is that confrontational preaching is considered brash, arrogant, rude, and insensitive. Some of you have asked to hear it, so it’s now available here, as well as from Morning Star‘s website.

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