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Rise Up, O Men of God

Not all of us long to be old again.
[ download Word version: 14 pp. ]

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The Arena of the Incarnation

I think you ought to visit Israel. I was given the opportunity last year, and I must admit that I had little expectations. I have been in many different countries, known a number of different cultures, and speak several different languages. Israel, I thought, was just one more country. The experience was over-rated. People who went there weren’t used to traveling so the whole Israel euphoria was due more to the newness of international travel, I reasoned, than to the actual merits of the country. Or, perhaps there was an element of superstition — even in saved believers — that subconsciously revered the whole nation of Israel as a giant reliquary. I didn’t need to do a “pilgrimage” to enhance my faith. Nonetheless, a gift is a gift and I happily received it in order to add to my repertoire of experiences. I was struck by three things:

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An apology from R.C. Sproul, Jr.

For a gracious and thorough apology, please read the post here: An Apology, posted by R.C. Sproul, Jr. on Monday, May 09, 2005 via the Highlands Study Center blog.

P.S. I am having computer issues and hope to be back online soon.

When NOT to Build

Our church doesn’t have a building. Obviously, we didn’t plan on being in a situation where a growing church had no building, but here we are. Now that we have enjoyed several years of spiritual prosperity and numerical growth we are actually asking ourselves how important a building really is.

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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

I am not a woman. However it does not take much of an imagination to feel what many women must feel when the sensitive issues of male/female roles and responsibilities are brought up by men, particularly men who seem to believe that there is only one legitimate place for women: beneath them. Beneath them spiritually, socially, and physically.

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