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MP3 of Phil Johnson’s “Dead Right” Lecture

Last week, I mentioned Grace To You‘s Phil Johnson and his lecture at the 2005 Shepherd’s Conference, titled “Dead Right: The Failures of Fundamentalism.” SharperIron.org posted the complete PDF transcript from the lecture. Here is the sound file:“Dead Right” .mp3 file (20 MB)
[Click to listen; right-click and Save As to download.]
You can go to the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary site to see “Stop the Funeral — We’re Not Quite Dead Yet!” — an articulate response from Dave Doran, pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church. [download PDF of “Stop the Funeral”]

These are extremely valuable pieces of an ongoing conversation. Thanks, Dave and Phil, for this lively and helpful discussion.


2 Responses

  1. I posted some thoughts on PJ’s paper and the various responses on my blog, if you are interested, Bob. I come from a different wing of separatism, but perhaps we share some common ground. I dropped you an e-mail, but you had left for CA, and perhaps did not get it. Thanks for your thoughts, and Baxter’s words. One of our small group leaders actually reads Baxter out loud to his little flock…I think he is routinely interrupted and asked to re-read sections–it is hard plowing, but worth the effort.

  2. Jon,

    Good article. I hope others take the time to read it. Yes, I did get the email. I apologize for not responding. I’d blame it on something, but I can’t think of an excuse! Oh, yes! I was traveling! Phew!

    We are a Fundamental Baptist church that has whole heartedly embraced the idea of independence. I’ve enjoyed both Phil’s and Dave’s take. Follow their continued debate on sharperiron.org. It’s lively!

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