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Some have asked me why I am not posting the other three parts to my essay “Fundamentalist Groupthink and the Inevitable Paradigm Shift.” Embarrassingly simple reasons:

1. One critic of Christianity is said to have complained that the religion of most people is “an initial spasm followed by chronic inertia.” That is often the case with topics conversed within Fundamentalism. Something comes up (a conference, a concert, a scandal, whatever) and there is a flurry of analyses, critiques, and debate that inevitably leads to questions about the movement as a whole. This is followed up by our “chronic inertia.” I, for one, am looking for long-term change. So I elongate the conversation.

2. I like some initial feedback on my points. Helps me articulate my thoughts.

3. I know it’s controversial. I want to be “prayed” up. To me, it’s more than a dorm-hall debate. It concerns the glorious Body of Christ. Is the Head prompting this? I need to be sure.

4. Most importantly, this is a small part of my life. As a pastor that is trying to teach the “whole counsel of God” I have the duty to be studying the whole counsel and Fundamentalism/separation is not a major category in that glorious study.

2 Responses

  1. Amen, brother.

    I’ll wait for the entry, though- I’m sure they’ll be out eventually.

  2. I don’t think there is anything to be embarrassed about in those reasons! I was rebuked by #1, understand #2, was challenged and grounded by #3, and especially admire #4. I’ll keep my eyes open, though. Appreciate your thoughts and discussions greatly.

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