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Runaway Jury

Monday is my day off (supposedly), so my wife and I rented a DVD and watched John Grisham’s story, Runaway Jury, on film. Now, I am not a movie critic. I’m just a critic (which sometimes ruins our movie watching experience). Except that this time I managed to keep my mouth shut for the entire viewing because the story-line was so good. Anyway, my thoughts will probably not impress anyone, but I do have a thing or two to say about the story.

Besides the obvious feel-good anti-gun agenda with the sentimental ending, there was something else far more disturbing to me about the film. Behind the liberal agenda which is very often easily discernible is an often more difficult to be detected liberal belief system. It is the belief system that is more dangerous than the agenda.

More and more Americans are buying into the idea that the savior of democracy is in the courtroom. Thus, juries and judges bypass legislation and impose their own rule which, by the way, is exactly what happens in the movie. The sad thing is that the jury activism was supposed to be the happy ending and the two young manipulators of the jury were the heroes even though they were doing exactly what the evil gun owners were doing. Law becomes irrelevant. The fate of mankind hinges on the jury – twelve ignorant, everyday Americans. It’s scary when sentimentalism, political agendas, and personal vendettas are given full reign under the assumption that the jury’s decision is not only infallible, but produced in an infallible system.

Liberals are known to say that civil suits are the fourth branch of government and they know full well that they cannot impose their agenda on America through the proper channels. So, for example, even though most Americans do not support gay marriages, they will come. Lawsuits of every kind will help this perversion prevail where it languished in the venues prepared by our founding fathers.

I probably wouldn’t have been as in tune to this belief system if I hadn’t been handed Robert Bork’s book on my flight back to the US from Italy this past week. His book Coercing Virtue: The World-wide Rule of Judges is sobering. It’s not long. I read the book on the trans-Atlantic flight and I started somewhere over Iceland. I think you ought to read it. He states the obvious in an unsettling way and then – this was new to me – proves that Israel’s High Court is the most activist in the world. Now, I’m not a sensationalist, but it is interesting to me that Israel’s court would be like that as judges are getting more and more power in the world. It might come in handy some day for the Anti-Christ, don’t you think?

Just rambling. Take it or leave it.

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