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I wish I was like Spurgeon. Perhaps I’m more like his dog, Punch. Though my “Hijacked” statement is merely a high-five hoorah, preach-to-the-choir, jazz-up-my-mostly-like-minded-friends monologue, I have thought better of it because it is possible that I have Arminian friends (or did). I don’t think any of them read my blog, but I humbly push “delete.” I shall refine my statements, sugar-coat them slightly, and re-publish them at another date. In the meantime, you now know my feelings! Concerning Punch, Spurgeon said:

I think that I have heard preachers who have seemed to me to bring out a doctrine on purpose to fight over it. I have a dog, that has a rug in which he sleeps; and when I go home to-night, he will bring it out, and shake it before me. not that he particularly cares for his rug, but he knows that I shall say, “I’ll have it,” and then he will bark at me, and in his language say, “No, you won’t.” There are some people who fetch out the doctrines of grace just in that way. I can see them totting along with the doctrine of election just in order that some Arminian brother may dispute with them about it, and that then they may bark at him. Do not act so, beloved (Spurgeon).

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