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Free Religious Conversation is Useful

More convinced than ever of the usefulness of a free religious conversation. I find that while conversing on natural philosophy, I gain knowledge abundantly faster, and see the reasons of things much clearer, than in private study. Wherefore, earnestly to seek at all times for religious conversation; for those that I can with profit and delight and freedom so converse with (from the diary of Jonathan Edwards).


One Response

  1. This is very true. David in the 16th Psalm says that his total satisfaction is in God, but his delight is in the Saints.

    How can David say this?

    David (or each of us) has a limited view of God. One person can’t see what another person sees about God except when sharing to one another. This is why David says his delight is in the Saints – He gains a greater view of God than if he were an island unto himself.

    Hence, Jonathan Edwards’ words are very true.

    Thanks for sharing.

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