“most of our preachers managed this superbly” ~ Carson on TGC 2009 Preachers


“The best of expository preaching takes its message and its thrust, and, ideally, even its form, from the biblical text itself. Most of our preachers managed this superbly while remaining, in form and style, exceedingly diverse” (D.A. Carson p. 10). HT: Denny Burk)

I’m grateful that Carson didn’t sacrifice his intellectual honesty by claiming that all of their preachers had superbly managed the task of taking a text’s message, thrust, and form and producing an expository sermon. Indeed, most were very good messages, but Mark Driscoll’s message was a poor example of what expository preaching really is.
For me, it was a chilling reminder of the rambling, self-congratulatory missing-the-point-of-the-text application-centered messages I heard in anti-intellectual fundamentalist Bible conferences. Those kind of messages appeal only to the sycophantic lemmings and anyone who uncritically equates plain speech for the plain truth. It also shows that The Gospel Coalition is vulnerable to the same kind of pop-star culture of dying fundamentalism unless the organizers get the courage to desist from pandering to the whims of evangelical populism.  Continue reading

Huh? Cape Town 2010 and Ephesians 2

Okay, I admit that I am not a visual learner. I find a lot of illustrations to be a painful waste of time. But I do pride myself on trying to be open minded so that is why I simply do not know how to respond to something that strikes me as positively vapid, trite, meaningless, and incapable of qualifying as moving even from a subjective sentimentalist perspective. Capetown 2010 is supposed to be a “congress” (that is an impressive word) of evangelical erudite, but isn’t there anyone with the testicular fortitude to say that the dance, though morally innocuous, is a colossal waste of time for earnest disciples from around the globe who pretending to be both intellectual and biblically substantial?

I’m not sure why it’s not embedding. But, seriously, I just don’t get it.


Bible Exposition: Drama “Reach” (Ephesians 2) from Lausanne Movement on Vimeo.


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