Yesterday I was trying to teach my class of 9th graders the effect of the objective and the subjective in counseling. In order to do it we came up with our own religion: floorology.

Floorology, as you might suspect, is about floors. The Grand Masters of this Religion decided on some axioms that would govern our understanding of floors and represent Floorology. A few were as follows:

The floor is foundational. You can stand on it.
The floor is solid.
The floor is beneath us. If you are standing on the floor you cannot be under it.

I then proceed to seek their counsel as a person who strongly feels that the floor is going to fall from beneath me. Hanging on to the white board for dear life I told them that the floor was falling beneath me and that I would not let go of the board. When I was told that this simply was not true, I became angry and accused them of calling me a liar. I accused my 9th graders of calling me a liar because they told me that the objective facts of floorology should govern my thinking and it simply was not true that I needed to be afraid and hang onto the whiteboard. But I insisted that I was not lying.

Only one immediately grasped the problem. I was rejecting the truth of their claims because of the trueness of my feelings.I was accusing them of accusing me of lying when, in fact, they were not accusing me a any such thing. They were only accusing me of being wrong. I indeed was telling the truth about my feelings, but my feelings were not representing the truth. My feelings were true (in that they were real) but they were not truth. The Wise 9th Grade Floorologist said, “Your feelings may be real about the floor caving in, but you’re crazy!”

Too many Christians cannot distinguish the difference between “My feelings are true” and “My feelings are truth.” Thus they get offended when they are told that they have misplaced feelings. They feeling like their character is being maligned. But they imagine more than actually is. We are not saying that they are lying. We are saying they are wrong. They cannot distinguish between the reality of what they feel and truth. Some Floorologist counselors that are NANC certified try to deal with the problem by saying, “You’re feelings are a lie. The only reality is the reality of objective truth.” The problem however is that both the Objective and the Subjective are real. Only the Objective can be Truth. The Subjective can be either true to Truth or true to a lie. But it’s still true.

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